Get the Cheapest Airfare When Traveling

Everybody wants to get the cheapest airfare when traveling. Find out how. The few tips below, although not all-inclusive, could save you some cash on your next vacation.Tip #1: Book Flights Early. You have fewer options left the closer you get to your departure date. With a lot of time on your hands, you have the liberty to watch prices daily to find the cheapest fares.Tip #2: Be Flexible With Dates. Choose less popular dates so you can scout around for cheaper airfares. Your chances are limited when you have to travel on certain dates.Tip #3: Don’t Be Choosy With Time. Certain times of the day are more expensive than others. Be prepared to travel anytime of the day so you can avail yourself of discounts.Tip #4: Choose the Middle of the Week. The most popular days for traveling are Fridays and Saturdays. Office workers prefer these days when taking the weekend off. Thursdays and Sundays are also popular on long weekends (i.e. when the Friday prior to the weekend or the Monday following it is also a non-working day.)

Tip #5: Avoid School Holidays. When parents plan their vacation, they naturally select dates when the kids are on vacation from school. Because these days are high in demand, airfares come at a premium.Tip #6: Skip the Holidays Season. Busy period for Christians are the Christmas and Easter seasons; for Muslims, this is during their annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. These days could even be fully booked weeks or even months in advance.Tip #7: Travel on Special Days. Book your flight on Christmas Day (Dec 25) or New Year’s Day (Jan 1). These are family get-together days, and people avoid being away on these days.Tip #8: Buy Tickets for the Off-Season. The best deals are usually available during this time. In Boracay Island, Philippines, for example, the rainy season (June to September) is considered low season. These months are less popular among visitors to Boracay, so airfares come at a discount.Tip #9: Find Package Deals. Airfares are cheaper when they are combined with accommodation and other bookings, like airport transfers and car rentals. Most hotels will offer package deals during slow periods. Watch out for them.Tip #10: Online Booking is Cheaper. Book your flights yourself on the Internet to save. Using a travel agent or booking directly with the airline by phone entails additional administrative costs to the airline and can be more expensive.Tip #11: Select Less Popular Airlines. These airlines offer cheaper airfares to attract more travelers. Choose airlines with satisfied customers.

Tip #12: Settle for Flights With Stopovers. Airfares can be much cheaper with stopovers. The disadvantage, however, is that you will be spending a lot more time at the waiting lounge of airports than traveling.Tip #13: Go for Fewer Travel Days. If you book your flight for a period of 31 days or fewer, you can get cheaper airfares than if you go for more than 31 days.Tip #14: Bid for Tickets Online. If your schedule is flexible, bargains can be found online by bidding with companies such as Hotwire and Priceline. However, you don’t get to know the times and airline until you buy the tickets.Tip #15: Join Online Ticket Auctions. SkyAuction is a true auction site similar to eBay. They auction off tickets and travel packages . If you are successful, you could be spending less but never more than the maximum price that you are willing to spend.